Kiel Economics is a spin-off from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and was established in August 2009. The managing director of Kiel Economics, Dr. Carsten-Patrick Meier, previously worked at the Forecasting Center of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy,  where Dr. Meier served as head of the research group on the German economy and later as head of a research area on macroeconomic stresstesting. Kiel Economics cooperates with academics from several economic research institutes and universities in Germany.

Kiel Economics, based in Kiel at the Baltic Sea, distributes its products throughout Europe. The business premises of Kiel Economics are centrally located at the modern Science Center near Kiel University and within walking distance of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. The economists of Kiel Economics benefit from an interchange with an international scientific community and successful collaborations. The spatial proximity to the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics provides immediate access to this renowned library with its exceptionally diverse collection of economic literature and further sources.

Our Ambition

Kiel Economics is the first addressee for public and private clients who demand information and tools for analyses and forecasts about the macroeconomic environment in Germany and the Euro area. Our extensive expertise ranges between macroeconomic-oriented research and practical forecasts and includes policy consulting as well as innovative services and software solutions which are based on profound economic findings. A steadily growing network of contacts with scientists, corporations, and public institutions and the scientific curiosity that excites us to continually update and expand our knowledge are the essentials and the surety that we will meet this aspiration now and in the future.

Our Clients

Clients of Kiel Economics are financial institutions and industry. Our clients share the need for a thorough understanding of the macroeconomic development in Germany, Europe, and the world as a basis for their decisions on microeconomic actions, markets, areas of business, and tasks. The more these decisions are influenced by the macroeconomic situation the more do our clients profit from our outstanding expertise.

Our Competences

Our areas of competence cover the analyses of macroeconomic interdependencies as well as quantitative modelling and forecasting. Our thorough knowledge and years of practical experience are the key factors to profound forecasts. We apply innovative theoretical and empirical methods, just released datasets, and the latest technology for analysing, forecasting, and modelling economic phenomena. The analyses, forecasts, and modelling provided by Kiel Economics  are based not only on recent findings from the field of economics, especially macroeconomics and econometrics – they integrate a multidisciplinary knowledge of financial economics and behavioural finance, organisational science, psychology, and business administration when useful.


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Prognostiker des Jahres 2007 und 2009.
For the second time employees of Kiel Economics are among the "Prognostiker des Jahres" (forecasters of the year) according to the Financial Times Deutschland.

Prognostiker des Jahres

Zusammen mit den Kollegen vom Kieler Institut für Weltwirtschaft (IfW) kamen Mitarbeiter von Kiel Economics bei der Ermittlung des „Prognostikers des Jahres 2009“ auf den zweiten Platz, laut Auswertung der Financial Times Deutschland.

Das Kiel Economics/IfW-Team schätzte im Dezember 2008 die Stärke des Abschwungs im Jahr 2009 im Vergleich zu anderen deutschen Konjunkturprognostikern deutlich stärker ein und lag damit vorn. Im Jahr 2007 waren die Mitarbeiter von Kiel Economics zusammen mit dem IfW sogar auf den ersten Platz des Prognostiker-Rankings. Damals sagten sie Ende 2006 die Stärke des Aufschwungs im Jahr 2007 am treffsichersten voraus.