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Which factors are influencing the momentary macroeconomic situation and which changes are to be expected in the future?

Comprehensive up to date statistical data and other information on the economic situation are the first steps towards reducing uncertainties. We support you with our expertise when you select and interpret the relevant information for your business.

On top of that, we deliver up-to-date forecasts about the macroeconomy. Due to our expertise and experience we regularly identify trends and turnarounds of the economy at a very early stage and analyse the imminent threats and opportunities. It is our ambition and our aspiration to detect and forecast the  economic dynamics in Germany and worldwide sooner than others.

Market Research

How do changing markets influence single enterprises, business areas, and institutions?

Raw economic informations are not sufficient for firms’, investors’, and public institutions’ decisions.

To improve the explanatory power of economic information for our clients, our range of services exceeds a traditional delivery of economic data and global prognoses. We work with an analytical framework, our D*-model, that displays the interdependencies between important macroeconomic entities. A linkage of the mentioned components with data and causalities for special markets, businesses, regions, or other relevant factors allows us to determine the microeconomic implications of economic developments. By doing so, macroeconomic scenarios can be turned into microeconomic analyses of effects. At the same time the macroeconomic drivers of markets and business models are revealed.

Economic Policy

Which developments influence economic policy and the public budget?

The state is a relevant macroeconomic actor. Measures of monetary policy and fiscal policy, or changes concerning the labour market or social order can result in a changing economic situation and can have an impact on economic growth as well. By using our analytical tools, you can estimate the effects of political measures and simulate alternative courses of action. At the same time they allow to judge the effects of political decisions and changes at the macroeconomic level on public budgets — even decades into the future if necessary.


Risks and side-effects

Information on the economic situation is forward-looking and therefore inherently uncertain. When considering business decisions, it is important to understand how uncertainties at a global level transform into risks to the microeconomic level, and how these global uncertainties can be transferred to markets, areas of business, and institutions. These effects can be studied systematically with the help of scenarios. In contrast to a forecast which considers just one – the most likely – future development, scenarios take several possible developments into account. Scenarios are therefore an ideal device for anticipating risk analyses. We support your production of scenarios with data, our analytic tools, and our knowledge.


Take hold of our toolbox!

The foundation of our work is our expertise and methodological competence. We would like to hand this competence to you. Consulting projects and surveys are one way for doing so. Another one is our intuitive model software. You can rent our model. Explore for yourself which consequences macroeconomic and global development have an impact on your business. Produce your own scenarios and search for likely investment stories.

The possibilities that our models offer are almost unlimited. Every model can be modified to your needs. We are happy to assist you with latest data, forecasts, assessments, and our expertise and experience — as well as with all our scientific innovation.

Our Offer

Let us start talking! And let us keep talking! The basis for a successful partnership is the continued exchange of ideas. Our offer is essentially dynamic: All performances are continuously improved and adapted to new conditions and needs.


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Prognostiker des Jahres 2007 und 2009.
For the second time employees of Kiel Economics are among the "Prognostiker des Jahres" (forecasters of the year) according to the Financial Times Deutschland.

Prognostiker des Jahres

Zusammen mit den Kollegen vom Kieler Institut für Weltwirtschaft (IfW) kamen Mitarbeiter von Kiel Economics bei der Ermittlung des „Prognostikers des Jahres 2009“ auf den zweiten Platz, laut Auswertung der Financial Times Deutschland.

Das Kiel Economics/IfW-Team schätzte im Dezember 2008 die Stärke des Abschwungs im Jahr 2009 im Vergleich zu anderen deutschen Konjunkturprognostikern deutlich stärker ein und lag damit vorn. Im Jahr 2007 waren die Mitarbeiter von Kiel Economics zusammen mit dem IfW sogar auf den ersten Platz des Prognostiker-Rankings. Damals sagten sie Ende 2006 die Stärke des Aufschwungs im Jahr 2007 am treffsichersten voraus.